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Temple Rejuvenation (Prosthesis Insertion or Fat Injection) [Tokyo]

$3,743 - $5,307

It Is Suitable For

· Those in Tokyo interested in facial rejuvenation with fat injection.
· Those with sagging skin and wrinkles.
· Those with dented temple.
· Those who wish to have a more proportional face shape.
· Those who wish to revive youthful facial appearance.

What is Temple Rejuvenation?

As you age, almost every part of your body would lose a significant amount of hydration and somehow shrink or become saggy. No doubt with face, visible wrinkles, facial lines, and the sagginess will be more obvious. This is when treatments like Temple Rejuvenation could help.
Temple Rejuvenation is a procedure performed to fill the temple part of your face, reviving the fullness and youthful appearance.

At our affiliated clinic, there are 3 methods for this treatment: Filler Injection, Fat Injection, and Prosthesis.

How Prosthesis Method Works

For the surgery method, temple prosthesis works by making two small incisions for insertion of the implant to result in a fuller and shapelier look. The results are permanent as the implant is made of silicone that your body will not break down over time.

How Fat Injection Works

Fat injection is performed by first collecting fats from your body by mini liposuction procedure, cleaned, and then it will be injected onto the temple area for rejuvenation.

Temple Rejuvenation Procedure

<Prosthesis Method>
1. The prosthesis will be tailored according to your temple shape
2. Anesthesia will be administered
3. An incision will be made at the hairline near the temple
4. The prosthesis will be inserted onto the temple area
5. The wound will be sutured

<Fat Injection>
1. Consultation and examination of the facial condition
2. Application of anesthesia
3. Fat collection (abdomen or thigh)
4. Isolation of collected fat for pure fat cell
5. Injection of the pure fat cell to the areas to be treated

Advantages and Limitations of Temple Rejuvenation

· Revives sagging skin
· Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
· Improves indentation on the temple
· Enhances facial fullness
· Builds up shallow contours
· Regains more youthful appearance

· Fats are required to be collected by liposuction
· Incisions will be made to insert the prosthesis

Prosthesis Post Care

· You will need to sleep face up and your head elevated at least for 2 weeks after the procedure
· Only resume strenuous activities 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure


Q1: Will it need replacement in years to come?
A1: Unlike breast implants, temple implants are made of solid, therefore there is nothing to leak out from them. In most cases, people only need 1 procedure and it will last forever.

Q2: Will it hurt?
A2: It does not usually associate pain, rather a sore feeling. You will be given anesthesia to ensure a smooth and comfortable procedure, nonetheless.

Q3: Is it possible for the implants to move?
A3: No, that is rather impossible.

Q4: Is it safe?
A4: It is guaranteed safe as the prosthesis is made of silicon for medical use and will not harm upon insertion to your body.

Q5: I heard that the prosthesis can be seen under black light, is that true?
A5: That is not true, indeed.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Aoyama Celes Clinic
[Location] Tokyo, Japan
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 1 min walk to commuter/metro station, 4 mins walk to art gallery, 4 mins walk to FamilyMart, 5 mins walk to medical center, walking distance to many restaurants and banks
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday - Sunday (9:30AM - 8:00PM)

Operation Time 60 - 90 mins
Recovery Time 1 - 2 days
Number of Postoperative Visit Not required
Hospitalization Not required
Cancellation Policy Once booking is made, penalty fees will be charged for any cancellation of appointment.
Include In This Price Consultation Fee, Interpreter Fee, Tax, Anesthesia
Location Aoyama Celes Clinic, Tokyo - Kita-Aoyama 2-7-26 land work Aoyama Building 7F, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Yubinbango, 107-0061

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