Corporate Wellness Program Malaysia

Trambellir now provides a corporate wellness program for Malaysian enterprises,

especially which has or needs to acquire excellent talents of millennials workers who are core human capital in SEA region for next 20 years,

with very affordable pricing.



Supporting employee’s wellness, mental health and beauty are crucial part for human capital management nowadays.

There are some similar programs in the market but those are mainly for supporting employees healthcare only.

Those corporate wellness programs, with annual health checkup and covering GP fees are good enough to attract employees age over 40s who has concerns about thier health and want to maintain it.

But We believe that these are not attractive offer enough for millennials workers since they are not facing serious health concerns yet.   

We provide more attractive inventories for them, includes beauty, wellness and fitness in Malaysia and even on vacation at holiday destinations.



According to research by Johnson & Johnson (114,000 employees in 215 group enterprises), USD1 investment for employees healthcare support makes USD3 return for:

  • Corporate value,

  • Reduce medical reimbursement with preventive medicine treatments,

  • Improve performance and creativity and 

  • Acquisition of excellent staff and improving the retention rate of employees,

  • Reduction in Long-term expenses.



Members can appreciate discounted prices (up to 30% OFF) for all treatments and products such as:

  • One annual health checkup, 

  • One teeth cleaning/whitening,

  • Or even one Spa package,

You can already cover the annual membership fee with our membership perks.



You might think that cosmetic medicines are not related to preventive medicines, but actually it is.

Let us share an example,

once you take a teeth whitening treatment, we are sure that you will start to taking care of your oral conditions and trying to maintain it properly than before.

That is the point to enter prevention!


For more information about our unique corporate wellness program,

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Trambellir CWP team.