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Tips to Effectively Challenge Your Mind

Don't you think your mind deserve a break too?

By Afrina Ghazali | February 18th, 2022

Our brain is the 'processing machine' that gets other parts of the body to function and of course, it's known as the central nervous system for a reason - it controls the thoughts, memories, emotions, breathing, hunger and basically everything that involves human body. It is that important that it deserves to be cared for like other bodily organs. This is the reason why mind training is very important in order to have a healthy functioning body.

Let's look at it this way: our minds are muscles which when trained, will be stronger and allow you to carry more cognitive load. Mind training is believed to keep you at your highest potential and we are about to reveal a few tips that you could practise in order to dive in for a treat!

1.  Read more

If you're not the type to read, this is a guarantee for you that reading will certainly help with mind training. It's scientifically proven that reading can help enhance your cognitive function, increase your attention span and develop new skills like language skills for instance.

Oh, and we almost forgot, reading can also help you learn new things and build your vocabulary.

2. Try out new things

Whether it's learning a new language, learning how to bake, getting yourself used to public speaking or trying new water sports - trying out new things is said to help strengthen the connections in your brain. Studies also show that it can improve memory function in adults.

So if you have always wanted to try new things - perhaps snowboarding, horse riding or archery, now is always the best time for you to do so. 

3. Meditate

Meditation is always known for reducing stress and anxiety. But there are more to it than just that. If you might wonder about its effectiveness, best if you try it out yourself.

Find yourself a good and calming spot, have your eyes shut and spend at least 10 minutes meditating every day. For Muslims, in prayers are the best time for you to do so and meditation is believed to help fine-tune your memory and increase your brain's ability to process information. 

4. Start your day with positive affirmation

The beginning of the day is always the highlight. Tuning your morning means tuning the entire day - take the chance to spread positivity by making affirmations.

"I am great", "I am enough", "I am capable", "I am strong", "Things will be great" - channelling the right affirmations will set your mind to stay healthy and hone your mental sharpness.

5. Overcome your fear

Overcoming fears is not something easy for anyone to do - that's why they're called fears. But what if we tell you that overcoming it will help you find yourself and train your mind unlike any other? 

The power that you sourced out from fear will not hold you back from a lot of things. It will certainly involve a lot of adrenaline in between but it will also help you build a healthy brain. Oh, but hold on! It needs to be done right and gradually. Take it step by step and you will start experiencing the difference.

6. Play brain training games

There are a lot of fun brain games available nowadays - from physical board games to in-app sudoku or scrabble, everything is at your fingertips. Not only is it important to let kids engage in brain games, but it's also equally important for adults to take the challenge.

Making sure that you stay mentally active, will improve your memory, prevent memory loss and at the same time improve overall mental health. 

7. Social Media Detox

Yes, you read that right. This is probably by far one of the tops in the list that is making it hard for people to commit to. Social media obviously has its pros and cons but it's important that you keep a healthy balance in consuming it. Not to confuse it with socialising physically.

A study found that those with more social contact in life are less likely to experience memory loss and dementia. So, we highly recommend you ditch your gadgets once in a while and enjoy more of your time with the company of families and friends.

8. Single-tasking

Try to recall when was the last time you did something one at a time? Did you go to the gym without listening to music? Did you email someone without biting onto your breakfast croissant this morning? Did you watch your favourite K-Drama without scrolling on your social media?

If your answer is mostly a no then it's worth giving this a try. People usually think multi-tasking is the best way of doing things quickly but it's not always effective. Keeping it at a single pace will allow you to focus more and if you want to produce more work at the best standards, conditioning your mind to do single-tasking is the best answer.

9. Work on your imagination

Has anyone ever told you that imagination is a skill? Fine-tuning your imagination will allow you to be better at handling critical situations and imagining things can help your brain to be more active.

10. Attend customized programs

If you don't know what to do, well then, what if we say we have a quick solution for you? Mind Training with our affiliated professionals will help you achieve your highest potential and obtain a peaceful state of mind.


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