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HPV Vaccination (Protect Against Genital Warts For Women)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those in Bangkok, Thailand who need HPV vaccination.
· Those with age of 9 to 14.
· Those with concerns regarding cervical cancer.
· Those who want to prevent genital warts.
· Those who want to prevent cervical cancer.

What is HPV Vaccination?

HPV, in full known as Human Papillomavirus, is a type of virus that can be found within women's genital parts. HPV can cause genital warts, and also may lead to cervical cancer. Vaccination is available in 3 doses with 6 months gap to help protect you from genital warts and reduce the chance of getting cervical cancer.

The optimum age for this vaccination is between 9 to 14. Adults can still receive this treatment, as advised by the doctor.

How It Works

At our affiliated clinic, the vaccination technique involves 3 doses of Cervarix or Gardasil with 6 months gap in between.
It is mandatory to complete all the doses in the time scheduled. In the case where one of the doses is forgotten, you may have to start over from receiving the first dose.

Types of HPV Vaccination Available

· Cervarix
Protects against HPV 16 and 18

· Gardasil
Protects against HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18
Gardasil protects against HPV 6 and 11, which cause most cases of genital warts.

HPV Vaccination Procedure

1. A consultation will be done to provide you information regarding HPV
2. The injection can be done or scheduled for another day
3. Injection will be applied onto the muscle on the arm
4. Scheduling of the next doses

Advantages and Limitations of HPV Vaccination

· Prevents genital warts
· Reduces the risk of cervical cancer
· 3 doses are sufficient for a lifetime

· The doses scheduled after the first must be strictly followed or else you may have to start over from the beginning


Q1: Does this last a lifetime?
A1: Yes, once you have the HPV antibody, it lasts a lifetime.

Q2: I am older than the suggested age, can I still receive the vaccination?
A2: Yes, it is possible to receive the vaccination; you will have to consult the doctor regarding your condition.

Q3: If I forget to go for the second vaccination, what do I have to do?
A3: The whole procedure must start over after around a year gap.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Sikarin Hospital (Sikarin Aesthetic Center)
[Location] Bangkok, Thailand
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Walking distance to restaurants, banks, gym, and fitness center
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Sunday (8:00AM - 8:00PM)

Operation Time 10 - 30 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not required
Hospitalization Not required
Cancellation Policy No charge for cancellations made at least 48 hrs prior appointment date
Location 976 Lasalle Road, Bangna Tai, Bangna, Bangkok 10260

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