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Sunekos Injection (Regenerates Fibroblasts, Collagen and Elastin for Skin Health)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those in Tokyo, Japan looking for an anti-aging hyaluronic acid skin treatment.
· Those with fine wrinkles around eyes, mouth or neck.
· Those with dry and uneven skin texture.
· Those who wish to restore skin elasticity.

What is Sunekos Facial Injection?

Sunekos Facial Injection is an Italian-born and known to be one of the unique dermal fillers formulated to provide deep skin hydration with an anti-aging effect.

On top of the non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, the injectable is added with a patented formula of amino acids; the mix includes 6 kinds of amino acids: glycine, L-proline, L-leucine, L-lysine HCI, L-valine, and L-alanine. Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid is smoother and always flowing to plump and soften the facial lines.

The mixture works well to help in the regeneration of Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM), the building blocks for stimulating the production of fibroblasts, skin cells, as well as collagen and elastin - these are essential in skin reparation and rebuilding. Apart from treating wrinkles, this is also a good approach in treating "blue bear" condition.

How It Works

By injecting the internationally and domestically patented formulation with a special ratio into the dermis layer of the skin, the "extracellular matrix" directly stimulates fibroblasts, producing new and young fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. generation is encouraged. Also, by improving the condition of your own dermis, it brings thickness and firmness to the skin, and improves various symptoms such as wrinkles and dark circles.

Clinical trials have shown that hyaluronic acid products on their own can cause bio-revitalization in the skin, but with the addition of the amino acids it is like adding extra fuel to a fire, their presence directly targets the ECM fibroblasts which are important when it comes to rebuilding the dermal layers of the skin. Participants in trials reported improvements in wrinkles, skin plumpness, and hydration, as well as a lifting effect.

Advantages and Limitations of Sunekos Facial Injection

· Anti-aging effect
· Improves skin texture and elasticity
· Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
· Provides deep hydration
· Promotes smooth and radiant skin
· Stimulates collagen production effectively
· Minimal downtime

· 4 sessions with 7 to 10 days gap between each session are recommended for ideal results
· Maintenance sessions are suggested to be done every 6 months

Sunekos Injection Post Care

· Avoid swimming for 48 hrs
· Avoid extreme temperatures for 7 days
· Avoid massaging the treated area for 24 hrs
· Apply sunscreen regularly

Contraindications for Sunekos Injection

This treatment is not suitable for those who have:
· Allergies
· Infections at the injection site
· Pregnant or breastfeeding
· Skin diseases
· Keloid constitutions
· Bleeding disorders
· Poorly controlled diabetes


Q1: Is 1 treatment session enough?
A1: Some changes can be noticed after the first session but ideal results only can be seen after 4 sessions.

Q2: Do I have to come back for maintenance sessions?
A2: Maintenance sessions are recommended between the 4 to 7 months interval post-treatment.

Q3: How long can the effect last?
A3: The effect can last about 6 months, depending on your skin condition and care taken.

Q4: What is the schedule to have 4 sessions done?
A4: A gap of 7 to 10 days between each session is recommended.

Q5: Is there downtime?
A5: Downtime is minimal; your skin will usually recover within a few hrs, but there may be minor swelling and bruising at the site of injection that may take a few days to subside.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Omotesando Rejuva Medical Clinic
[Location] Tokyo, Japan
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 8mins away from Tokyo City View and Sky Deck and 15mins distance from the popular Tokyo Tower and Momiji Waterfall
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Sunday (9:00AM - 6:00PM)

Operation Time 30 - 40 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations You may feel swollen for 2-3 days after the injection, and swelling and internal bleeding may occur for 1-2 weeks
Other Information Laughing gas or intravenous anesthesia may be used if desired (extra charge)
Cancellation Policy No charge for cancellations made at least 48 hrs prior appointment date*
Include In This Price Consultation Fee, Interpreter Fee, Tax
Price Detail Price displayed is for one area per session
Location 3 Chome-7番地19 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan

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