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Fat Transfer (Fuller Volume on Face or Body Using Unwanted Fats)

$982 - $3,111

It Is Suitable For

· Those in Bangkok and interested in facial or body augmentation using unwanted body fats.
· Those with sagging skin and wrinkles.
· Those with hollowness or lack volume on the face.
· Those who wish to have a fuller look on breasts / buttocks / labia majora.
· Those who wish to have a more attractive body contour.

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat injection is an invasive procedure where liposuction is required to collect fats from the patients in order to use them to inject into the areas that need improvement (liposuction will incur a separate cost). This is done to increase volume in areas that look hollow, sunken or saggy due to aging factors. Fat transfer can also be done to fill in areas that lack volume in order to achieve a more attractive contour.

In liposuction, a small incision is made at the fat harvest area, into which a small cannula is driven to the body in order to extract the needed amount of fat, often from the abdominal, buttock or neck area.

After the fats are collected, an isolation process will be performed to obtain pure fat cells to ensure the fats are safe to be used. The pure fat cells will then be injected into areas on the body or face.. Since your own body fat is used, the risk of infections is greatly reduced, making it a safe and effective procedure.

How It Works

Fat Transfer works by first performing liposuction to obtain unwanted fats from a particular part of the body and be transferred by injection. The procedure may be performed under a number of different anesthesia types (from local to general), depending on the number of areas to be treated as well as the amount of fats to be transferred.

Fats will be transferred to the desired areas such as wrinkles and creases, saggy cheeks, as well as the dents on the face to fill the volume and restore a fuller facial appearance. The fats can also be transferred on parts of the body that need a fuller volume.

At certain conditions, fats may be overfilled during the injection process to prevent losing of fats to the process in which some fats may fail to establish a blood supply and eventually die, reducing the overall volume to be gained from the procedure. By overfilling, the treated areas will have a more guaranteed permanent volume in line with patient expectations.

Fat Transfer Procedure

1. Consultation and examination of the facial or body condition.
2. Application of anesthesia.
3. Fat collection.
4. Isolation of collected fat to obtain pure fat cells.
5. Injection of the pure fat cells to the areas to be treated.

Treatment Areas

· Face
· Buttocks
· Breasts
· Labia Majora / Mons Pubis

Advantages and Limitations of Fat Transfer

· Revives sagging skin
· Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
· Enhances facial fullness
· Builds up shallow contours
· Regains more youthful appearance
· Contours body shape

· Fats are required to be collected by liposuction


· Refrain from making intensive movement of facial muscles after the procedure (such as laughter or wide yawning)
· Avoid smoking for at least 3 weeks after the surgery
· Avoid taking blood-thinning medications first 2 weeks after the surgery unless directed by the surgeon
· Avoid strenuous exercise for the first 2 weeks
· Do not rub, massage or place tension on the treated areas for at least 2 weeks
· Avoid long hours of exposure under the sunlight
· Avoid facial acids (Retin A, salicylic and glycolic acid) for at least 3 weeks
· Avoid putting pressure on the treated area for effective results


Not everyone is a good candidate for fat transfer or facial fat injection. The following conditions put patients at a much higher risk for serious problems.

· Immunosuppressed state
· Chemotherapy
· On or have been on Accutane within the last three months
· Significant cardiac condition


Q1: Where can the fat cells be injected into the face?
A1: The fats are usually injected into the nasolabial folds, areas around the eyes and/or cheekbones areas. But, fats are also versatile, which means it can also be injected into other areas such as the forehead, jaw or lips. This depends on the doctor's examination of your condition.

Q2: Who is a good candidate for fat transfer?
A2: If you are a healthy person who does not smoke (or quits smoking at least 2 weeks before the procedure), have a healthy weight and have a realistic expectation of what fat injection can improve, then you are a good candidate.

Q3: Will the results look natural?
A3: Yes, they look natural and it's important to understand that the results may not look so dramatic in nature. The changes will be subtle but so attractive. It's a great option for those who want to avoid looking like they have had 'work done'.

Q4: Is there any minimum or maximum volume fixed for the transfer?
A4: The amount of augmentation that can be achieved during fat transfer depends on the amount of volume desired, the site which is being treated, and the amount of fat available for transfer.

Q5: Will the results change if I gain or lose weight?
A5: Fat cells are capable of expanding as well as shrinking during weight fluctuations, and the surviving cells transferred to the treated areas behave in the same way as other fat cells in the body. This means that grafted cells can expand if weight is gained, causing expansion in the treated areas. Harvest areas can also gain fat, but this generally happens at a slower rate, since there will be fewer fat cells remaining in the area. Patients will need to be diligent about maintaining a stable weight before and after fat transfer to preserve results.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Sikarin Hospital
[Location] Bangkok, Thailand
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Walking distance to restaurants, banks, gym, and fitness center
[Clinic Opening Time] 24 hrs

Operation Time 2 - 4 hrs
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Other Information Price for liposuction procedure ranges from USD 653 - USD 2,939, depending on areas of fat harvest. Please visit Vaser Liposelection page for more information on the procedure.
Cancellation Policy No charge for cancellations made at least 48 hrs prior appointment date
Include In This Price Hospital Stay, Doctor's Fees
Location 976 Lasalle Road, Bangna Tai, Bangna, Bangkok 10260

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