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Sex Reassignment Surgery Post-Stage 1 (Female to Male)

$2,452 - $10,936

It Is Suitable For

· Those in Bangkok for at least a month.
· Those who experience gender dysphoria.
· Those who identify as the opposite gender on the inside.
· Those who wish to possess genitals of their true sex.
· Those who experience distress and discomfort in regards to their primary sexual characteristics.

What is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Gender dysphoria (formerly known as Gender Identity Disorder) is an intense, persistent feeling in which males wish to be females and in which females wish to be males. Dysphoric males are disgusted with their genitals, body hair, angularity, facial hair, musculature, and any trait that one generally labels as masculine. Dysphoric females can have similar feelings with developing breasts, fuller hips, long hair, menstruation and any trait that is associated with femaleness. If left untreated, individuals with gender dysphoria may develop mental health issues such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and suicide attempts. Fortunately, sex reassignment surgery is able to give you the peace of mind you have been longing for.

What is Vaginectomy and Urethral Lengthening?

This procedure eliminates the vaginal cavity and lengthens the urethra in preparation for incorporation into the new penis in the 3rd stage. This gives you the ability to urinate effectively in the standing position. This is a stage 2 procedure.

What is Urethral Prefabrication?

This procedure involves the preparation of a new penile graft in the forearm with an embedded catheter, which will serve as a functional intra-penile urethra after the 3rd stage. This is a stage 2 procedure.

What is Phalloplasty?

This procedure converts the labia majora into scrotal sacs. Total Phalloplasty is a stage 3 procedure.

What is Coronoplasty?

This procedure is a form of penile reconstruction.

What is Penile Prosthesis?

This procedure involves the surgical implantation of malleable rods into the erection chambers of the penis. This is a final stage procedure.

What is Scrotal Prosthesis?

This procedure involves the surgical implantation of a prosthesis that fills up the empty space inside the scrotum. This is a final stage procedure.

Advantages and Limitations of Sex Reassignment Surgery

· Constructs the genitals of the your preferred gender
· Reduces mental stress
· Improves well-being
· An effective solution for gender dysphoria
· Enables an enjoyable sex life

· General surgery risks such as hematoma
· Risk of difficulty in passing urine (for phalloplasty)


Q1: How do I know for sure that I have gender dysphoria?
A1: If you experience the following basic symptoms for at least 6 months, it is safe to say that you have gender dysphoria: 1) The certainty that your true gender is not aligned with your body. 2) Disgust with your genitals. You avoid showering, changing clothes, or having sex in order to avoid seeing or touching your genitals. 3) Strong desire to be rid of their genitals and other sex traits.

Q2: Is there anything I should do before my sex reassignment surgery?
A2: You will need to stop taking hormonal pills, herbal supplements, and medicines 2 weeks before your schedule. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages should also be avoided throughout the surgical stages of transformation.

Q3: Is sex reassignment surgery suitable for me if I have high blood pressure?
A3: Those who would like to undergo sex-change surgery should have a BMI of between 20-25 and should not have any type of bleeding disorder, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, coronary and pulmonary diseases. A positive outlook and realistic expectations is also necessary.

Q4: Are there alternatives to sex reassignment surgery?
A4: If you are suffering from gender dysphoria, consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist is also recommended. In fact, a combination of psychological assistance and sex-change surgery is usually the best solution.

Q5: Must I submit any medical records before booking a surgery/procedure?
A5: Yes. Our affiliated clinic asks for a letter of recommendation from 2 psychiatrists that mention the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder and the declaration of a successful real-life experience as a male/female (the gender you identify with) for at least 1 year. You will also need to submit a medical certificate with details on any hormone therapy conducted within the past 1 year.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Yanhee Hospital
[Location] Bangkok
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Walking distance to shopping places, FamilyMart, Horseriding place, Futsal Court and 1 min walk to bus station (Bang Phlat).
[Clinic Opening Time] Open 24 hours

Operation Time 2 - 3 hrs
Recovery Time 1 - 6 weeks
Number of Postoperative Visit 2 times
Hospitalization 2 - 5 nights
Other Information Consultation Fee at this clinic ranges from USD 17-33
Cancellation Policy No charge for cancellations made at least 48 hrs prior the appointment date
Include In This Price Virtual Consultation
Location Yanhee International Hospital Charan Sanitwong Road, Bang Ao, Bang Phlat, Bangkok, Thailand

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