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Laser Anti-Fall Treatment (Stop and Reverse Hair Loss)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those who need an effective laser for hair growth in Lisbon.
· Those with thinning hair or sudden hair loss.
· Those with post-surgery or postpartum hair loss.
· Those who wish to stimulate hair growth.
· Those who wish to stop or reverse hair loss.

What is the Laser Anti-Fall Treatment?

Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or Low Light Phototherapy, the Laser Anti-Fall Treatment is a laser-based procedure that promotes hair growth stimulation using photobiomodulation. This is achieved by changing the molecular characteristics of the hair fiber. More specifically, the laser anti-fall therapy encourages your hair follicles to grow by invigorating circulation and stimulation.

How It Works

By increasing the capillary density and fiber thickness as well as by increasing the vitality of the roots of your hair, Low Level Laser Therapy for hair loss strives to prevent future hair fall and to promote hair growth.

Advantages and Limitations of the Laser Anti-Fall Treatment

· Non-invasive
· Stimulates hair growth
· Treats sudden hair loss
· Improves thinning hair
· Increases hair strength
· Painless
· No side effects

· Several sessions required
· Not suitable for those taking photosensitizing medications
· Time-consuming (requires several sessions per week for a number of months)


Q1: How can the laser help with hair growth?
A1: Hair is meant to fall out and regrow from the roots, but when hair follicles shrink and degenerate, the hair will not grow back as it should, causing hair loss. Using photobiostimulation, the laser can help to increase blood flow to the scalp, which then stimulate the hair follicles. After that, thicker and stronger hair will grow.

Q2: Will the laser be painful?
A2: The laser is a 'cool' laser, which means it is low level, not the hot laser. So it won't hurt and it is safe.

Q3: When will I see results?
A3: Usually, people would see results in 3 months, with more significant results appearing in 6 to 12 months.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Clinica REPLACE
[Location] Lisbon, Portugal
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 8 mins walk to train station (Entrecampos), 6 mins walk to a car rental agency, walking distance to restaurants and hotels
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Friday (8:00AM - 7:00PM)

Operation Time 20 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit 2 times per week
Hospitalization Not Required
Cancellation Policy If you cancel the booking less than 14 days, you will be charged 10% of treatment's fee.
Location Av. da República 90, 5 andar esquerdo, 1600-206 Lisboa, Portugal

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