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Liposuction (Eliminate Your Stubborn Belly Fat)

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It Is Suitable For

・Those in Kyiv, Ukraine who need effective tummy sculpting treatment.
・Those with excess stubborn fat.
・Those who wish to eliminate unwanted fat.
・Those who wish to correct previous deformities from liposuction.
・Those who wish to have a contoured body shape.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical treatment performed to eliminate the existing stubborn subcutaneous fat present in specific parts of the body by sucking them out with a thin tube known as a cannula. In modern technology, the fat removal procedure is assisted by an ultrasound to disrupt fat cells and hence enables fast treatment as well as better skin contraction after the suction.

The procedure corrects body deformities that are caused by stubborn fats that have difficulties to be eliminated. The body would then appear well-balanced and contoured.

How It Works

Liposuction is suitable for both women and men with a healthy lifestyle. The treatment is not suitable for the ones who are obese and wish to remove all the fat cells out as after the treatment a healthy lifestyle must be maintained in order to get the desired results.

At our affiliated clinic, they offer the traditional method of liposuction and the revolutionary vibratory liposuction. This procedure involves placing the suction cannula into a vibrating device. The Cannula vibrations help minimize the fat cells from surrounding tissues and improve the efficiency of suctioning. They can also reduce bruising and recovery time.

Liposuction Procedure

1. Consultation, examination, and marking of the areas to be treated
2. Local or general anesthesia will be given
3. Small incision will be made for tube insertion
4. A thin tube called cannula will be inserted for suction
5. An ultrasound will assist in disrupting fat cells
6. Sutures will be done at the incision site
7. End of treatment

Advantages and Limitations of Liposuction

· Eliminates excess fat
· Sculpts muscle anatomy
· Corrects contour irregularities
· Corrects previous liposuction deformities

· The procedure involves sticking a tube through the entry hole
· Final results may take up to 3 months to be effective

All-Inclusive Package

This treatment comes all in a package that includes:

· Free 2nd medical opinion
· Consultation with the plastic surgeon
· Consultation with the anesthesiologist
· Anesthesia
· Liposuction of belly fat
· 4-Nights stay at a hotel
· 1-day at Standard Plus Room Hospital stay
· Pre-surgery examination complex
· Post-surgical compression body
· Airport-hotel-airport transfer
· 24/7 concierge service
· Translation service

Liposuction Post Care

· Always wear a compression bandage for 6 weeks
· Alway keep the incision area dry and clean
· Strenuous activities may be resumed 1 month after
· The bruised area should be treated with ice gel 5 tp 7 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes.
· The wrap body can be removed for 20 to 25 minutes after a week, but the bandage cannot be removed.
· You may take a shower 2 days after the treatment.
· Return for follow-up check as scheduled for the removal of stitches.
· Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed 48 hours before and after the surgery.

Contraindications for Liposuction

· Pregnancy
· Severe cardiovascular disease
· Severe coagulation disorders including thrombophilia
· Diabetes
· The ones taking blood-thinning medications


Q1: Do you rebound after liposuction?
A1: No, instead of rebound, the area where liposuction is performed is less likely to become fat again.

Q2: Is liposuction painful?
A2: During the treatment anesthesia will be given, thus no pain will be felt. After the surgery, severe muscle pain may occur up to 3 days.

Q3: I might not be able to handle the pain, can I request for more amount of anesthesia?
A3: The amount of anesthesia can be adjusted in consultation with the doctor.

Q4: What are the symptoms of downtime and how long will it take?
A4: Symptoms and duration vary depending on the site; the minor symptoms that may occur include pain, swelling, internal bleeding, and stiffness.

Q5: Will I see the final results of liposuction immediately after the procedure?
A5: The procedure allows immediate visible reduction of fats, but it would take up to 3 months for the final results to be effective.

Q6: What are the other uses of liposuction?
A6: Although most commonly used for cosmetic body shaping, liposuction can also be used to reduce breast size in men with large breasts (gynecomastia) or to remove fat tumors (lipomas).

Q7: Do I have to take care of my body after liposuction?
A7: Yes. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery. This means that a healthy lifestyle should be followed in order to maintain good body weight. Liposuction is supposed to help you obtain a slimmer and better-proportioned body. While the results of liposuction last for a lifetime and are permanent, the fat cells that remain after the procedure can grow bigger if you put on weight.

Q8: Which parts of the body can liposuction be applied to?
A8: The abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, inner knees, hips, flanks/love handles, necklines, under-chin area, thighs, and upper arms, etc.

Q9: Are there any alternative to liposuction?
A9: Yes, you may want to consider coolsculpting and mesotherapy.

Q10: Will I be under general anesthesia during the procedure?
A10: Yes, general anesthesia will be applied prior to the treatment.

Q11: Can I undergo liposuction if I am obese?
A11: For you to undergo liposuction, you should be within 30% of your ideal weight and have good muscle tone and firm and elastic skin. Otherwise, a weight loss surgery i.e. bariatric surgery might be a better option for you.

Q12: I am taking blood-thinning medication. Can I undergo liposuction?
A12: No, such is not recommended.

Q13: I have diabetes. Can I undergo liposuction?
A13: No, for this case you are not recommended to undergo this surgery.

Q14: How do you operate during COVID-19?
A14: The same schedule is practised following strict sanitation rules. It is also possible for you to take the PCR test on arrival at the airport - our affiliated point of biomaterial sampling is located on the 2nd floor of Terminal D at Boryspil Airport.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Adonis Beauty Centre
[Location] Kyiv, Ukraine
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 2mins from Mackintosh Hotel and 14mins ride to the art museum, Artprychal
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Saturday (8:00AM - 9:00PM); Sunday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)

Operation Time 3 - 5 hrs
Recovery Time 3 - 5 days for daily routine
1 month for more intense activities
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization 1 night
Limitations May not be suitable for those with severe obesity
Cancellation Policy No charge for booking cancellations or amendments made at least 72 hrs prior to the appointment date
Include In This Price Consultation Fees, Anesthesia Fee, 4-Nights Hotel Stay, 1-Night Hospital Stay
Location 39 Spaska St; Kyiv; 02000; Ukraine