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Nipple Reduction Surgery (Improve Sagging Nipples) [Osaka]

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It Is Suitable For

· Those in Osaka, Japan for more than a week.
· Those with large nipples.
· Those with long-shaped and sagging nipples.
· Those who wish to get a youthful bust.
· Those who wish to have balanced nipples on both sides.

What is Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Nipple Reduction Surgery is a treatment performed to reduce the size and shape of nipples. The treatment enables the modification of the length as well as the diameter of the nipples to have better appearance.

How It Works

There are 3 methods to reduce the size of the nipples, and the best procedure will be selected by the doctor according to the patient's conditions. The methods address different concerns: nipple size/diameter, nipple length, or both. Nipple reduction surgery is a minor surgical procedure done with few mm incisions required on the side and tip of the nipples. Scars after the surgery will be hidden by wrinkles of the nipples. The surgery does not affect lactation as the mammary glands and ducts remain intact.

Nipple Reduction Surgery Procedure

1. Consultation and examination
2. Local anesthesia will be given
3. Small incision will be made from the side to the tip of nipple
4. Reduction will be done by trimming some extra parts out
5. Wounds will be closed using threads, which requires removal after 7 days
6. End of treatment

Advantages and Limitations of Nipple Reduction Surgery

· Enhances better appearance of nipples
· Enhances shape and size as desired
· Increases the comfort for the nipples

· Pain and swelling may be experienced for a few days

Nipple Reduction Surgery Post Care

· Shower can be done the next day except for the affected part
· Thread removal is required at least 1 week later after the treatment


Q1: Will there be scars?
A1: Small scars will remain but they will be hidden among th wrinkles of the nipples.

Q2: Is the surgery painful?
A2: During the treatment local anesthesia will be given; alternatively, intravenous anesthesia can be given instead to ensure pain-free completely.

Q3: Can I still breastfeed in the future?
A3: Yes, the treatment does not affect the mammary glands, lactation can still be performed on the modified nipples.

Q4: How many visits are required to have a nipple reduction surgery?
A4: Nipple reduction surgery requires removal of the thread, so a re-visit is required one week later after the treatment.

Q5: Can I have nipple reduction surgery and condensed rich breast augmentation at the same time?
A5: Yes, you can plan for both the treatments at the same time.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] The Clinic
[Location] Osaka, Japan
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Around 5 mins walk from JR Osaka Station South Exit. Near to malls and Family Mart.
[Clinic Opening Time] Everyday (10:00AM-7:00PM)

Operation Time 90 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not required
Hospitalization Not required
Other Information Patients are required to fill in the counselling form and agreement prior to the treatment.
Include In This Price Consultation Fee, Interpreter Fee, Tax
Location Japan, 530-0057 Osaka, Kita Ward, Sonezaki, 2 Chome−12−4, 6F

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