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Ankle and Foot Surgery (Ankle Joint Arthroscopy and More)

$4,080 - $10,608
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It Is Suitable For

· Those who want to get ankle and foot surgery done by specialists in Poland.
· Those with foot, ankle pain or ankle joint problems.
· Those with inflammation at the Achilles tendon.
· Those with Morton's neuroma.
· Those who wish to improve tarsal tunnel syndrome.

What is Ankle and Foot Surgery?

The ankle and the foot are crucial parts of our body. When they do not function properly, walking is painful. Movement and productivity becomes limited. Whether you are suffering from foot bruises, sprains, fractures, osteoarthritis, Achilles tendon inflammation, tarsal tunnel syndrome or any type of foot or ankle injury, our affiliated hospital is able to help. They offer a variety of foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeries and procedures.

Ankle Arthroscopy Procedure

1. After your ankle, foot and leg have been cleaned and sterilized, your ankle will be numbed.
2. Small incisions will be made for the insertion of an intravenous access device.
3. The intravenous access device will be placed in different areas around your ankle for the instruments and camera to be placed in. Damaged structures are removed.
4. The small incisions will be stitched closed and bandaged.

Advantages and Limitations of Ankle and Foot Surgery

· Corrects ankle and foot issues
· Improves movement
· Walk better
· Enables productivity and exercise
· Reduces inflammation
· Shorter downtime than open foot or ankle surgery

· General surgery risks


Q1: Am I allowed to wash my ankles after my ankle arthroscopy?
A1: No. You must wait until the wounds have healed and dried completely. If it gets wet, change the dressing or ankle bandage.

Q2: Can I resume my physically-demanding job after my ankle arthroscopy?
A2: It is recommended that you avoid any physically-demanding activity for 2 - 4 months.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Carolina Medical Center
[Location] Warsaw, Poland
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 5 mins walk to bus station (Tor Stegny 05); Walking distance to hotels, shopping places, Escape Room.
[Clinic Opening Time] Open 24 hours

Operation Time 2 - 3 hrs
Recovery Time 3 - 4 weeks
Number of Postoperative Visit Follow-up visit required
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations Bathing possible 2-3 weeks after surgery, unless wound has healed and dried completely.
Other Information Prices do not include medical materials and implants. Consultation fee at this clinic is USD 106. Fees for examination tests is USD 131.
Consultation and Examination Tests are compulsory.
Cancellation Policy First time patients will not be penalized for cancellation. However, revisit patients must make cancellation at least 24 hrs before. Otherwise, you will be charged 100% of treatment fees.
Include In This Price Anesthesia, Staff Compensation
Location Carolina Medical Center, Pory, Warsaw, Poland

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