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Hip and Groin Surgery (Hip Replacement and More)

$4,590 - $11,832
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It Is Suitable For

· Those who need a safe hip and groin surgery done in Poland.
· Those with hip or groin joint pain.
· Those who wish to reduce inflammation at the hips and groin.
· Those who wish to restore movement at the hip
· Those who wish to be able to walk, run and jump well.

What is Hip and Groin Surgery?

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is caused by over-use and damaged cartilage of the head of the thighbone and acetabulum, which causes 2 exposed bone areas to rub against each other. This results in joint damage, pain, stiffness, instability and significant movement limitation. Our affiliated clinic offers a variety of hip and groin surgeries that can help improve your condition.

Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

1. General anesthesia will be administered.
2. An incision along the side of the hip will be made. Muscles connected to the top of the thighbone will be moved in order to expose the hip joint.
3. The ball portion of the joint will be removed by cutting the thighbone with a surgery saw. An artificial joint will be attached to the thighbone using either a cement or a special material.
4. The replacement socket part of the hipbone will be attached to the surface of your hipbone, before which any damaged cartilage is removed from the surface of your hipbone.
5. The new ball part of the thighbone will be reinserted into the socket part of your hip.
6. Muscles will be reattached and the incision is closed.

Advantages and Limitations of Hip and Groin Surgery

· Corrects hip and groin joint issues
· Improves movement
· Reduces inflammation
· Shorter downtime than open hip/groin surgery

· General surgery risks


Q1: How much time will it take until I am able to walk after my total hip replacement procedure?
A1: Most hip replacement patients are able to walk within the same day or next day of surgery and most can resume normal routine activities within the first 3 - 6 weeks of their total hip replacement recovery.

Q2: Will my movement become limited after this procedure?
A2: In most patients, walking is possible on the same day of the surgery. However, movement may be limited for a certain period of time. Prior to your surgery, do make practical modifications to your house so that the things you will need will be accessible without excess movement. It is important to manage your weight by eating healthily and practicing exercises recommended by your doctor.

Q3: I have heard somewhere that Hip Surgery is dangerous, is it true?
A3: No, it is not true. Serious complications, such as hip-joint infection, occur in approximately 1% of patients. Major medical complications, such as heart attack or stroke, occur even less frequently. Naturally, chronic illnesses may increase the potential for complications.

Q4: How soon after the hip surgery can I walk?
A4: Usually, it takes about 3 to 6 weeks for patients to start walking. Once light activity becomes possible, it is important to incorporate healthy exercise into your daily routine.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Carolina Medical Center
[Location] Warsaw, Poland
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 5 mins walk to bus station (Tor Stegny 05); Walking distance to hotels, shopping places, Escape Room.
[Clinic Opening Time] Open 24 hours

Operation Time 1 - 3 hrs
Recovery Time 3 - 6 weeks
Number of Postoperative Visit Follow-up visit, 7 - 10 days after procedure
Hospitalization Not Required
Other Information Consultation fee at this clinic is USD 106. Fees for examination tests is USD 131.
Consultation and Examination Tests are compulsory.
Prices do not include medical materials and implants.
Include In This Price Treatment price, anesthesia and staff compensation
Location Carolina Medical Center, Pory, Warsaw, Poland

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