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Spa Sampler (Balinese Massage And Facial Treatment/Foot Massage) [Hilton Bali Resort]

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It Is Suitable For

· Those in Bali interested in traditional Balinese massage.
· Those with sports injuries.
· Those who wish to have a relaxation massage session.
· Those who wish to subside body soreness.
· Those who wish to cure back/shoulder pain.

What is Spa Sampler?

Spa Sampler is a package that provides the pleasure of relaxation with the combination of Balinese massage and own choice of either Refresher Facial or Foot Massage.

Balinese Massage is a full body massage focusing on deep-tissue, which is originated from Indonesia. It is considered as a holistic treatment where it involves a combination of gentle stretches, long strokes, skin rolling, palm and thumb pressure with the use of aromatherapy. Essential oils are used in the form of aromatherapy to enhance the massage and help with relaxation. The techniques are performed to help to improve circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous system. For jetlag recovery, the recommended essential oil at our affiliated clinic would be Tranquility.

Refresher Facial at our affiliated spa is a light facial treatment, suitable for all skin types as the ingredients used are natural. It helps to cleanse and undergo mild detoxification for soft and smooth skin.

How It Works

Spa Sampler is a package consisting of Balinese massage and a choice of either Refreshing Facial or Foot Massage, depending on which area customers would like to focus on.

Balinese massage helps to soothe damaged tissue and relieve strained muscles as well as joint pain; useful for sports injuries. Balinese massage is usually performed either on a massage couch or on a floor mattress. Aromatherapy plays an important part in soothing and relaxing. It is expected for the therapist to use deep pressure during the massage in order to work on deep, knotted tissue and muscle damage.

Spa Sampler Procedure

1. Basic consultation
2. Smelling and choosing of essential oil for aromatherapy
3. Feet will be washed
4. Changing of clothes
5. Massage procedure
6. A choice of Refresher Facial or Foot Massage
6. End of treatment
7. Changing of clothes
8. No showering/bathing for 1 hour

Advantages and Limitations of Balinese Massage

· Reduces stress
· Stimulates blood flow
· Relieves strained muscles
· Helps detoxify the body
· Nourishes and softens skin
· Soothes body soreness

· The pressure experienced during the massage may be painful for some people

Contraindications for Spa Sampler

Balinese Massage
· Pregnancy
· Menstruation
· Coronary or circulatory illness
· Infectious skin disease or open wounds
· Broken or recently healed bones
· Heightened body temperature
· Inflammation of the kidneys or liver
· Cancerous illness
· Sunburn

Foot Massage
· Foot fractures
· Unhealed wounds
· Active gout in the foot


Q1: What are the most common essential oils used?
A1: The most common essential oils are jasmine oil, ylang ylang oil and rose oil.

Q2: What is the signature essential oil used for Balinese massage?
A2: The signature essential oil for the Balinese massage is frangipani essential oil, which is one of the rare and can be exclusively found in the island of Bali.

Q3: Is there any restriction for the massage?
A3: The massage is restricted for the ones with pathologies on/within the body.

Q4: Can I proceed with the massage after my sports?
A4: Yes, Balinese massage helps to cure/balance sports injuries.

Q5: Is this a full body massage?
A5: Yes, Balinese massage is a full-body treatment.

Spa Information

[Spa Name] Mandara Spa @ Hilton Bali Resort
[Location] Bali, Indonesia
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] 5 mins driving distance from Sawangan Beach, 15 mins driving distance from Waterblow, and many other popular tourist attractions.
[Spa Opening Time] Monday - Sunday (9:00AM - 9:00PM)

运行时间 80 mins
恢复时间 None
术后就诊次数 Not required
住院治疗 Not required
取消政策 48 hours notice is required for any booking cancellation.
地点 Mandara Spa, Hilton Bali Resort, Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia