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Facial Fat Lipolysis (Injection to Remove Unwanted Fatty Deposits)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those looking for facial fat removal treatments in Phuket.
· Those with double chin, sagging cheeks, or marionette lines.
· Those who wish to tighten their skin for a younger appearance.
· Those who wish to have a more youthful facial contour.
· Those who wish to remove unwanted fatty deposits in the face without surgeries.

What is Facial Fat Lipolysis?

One of the inevitable signs of aging is the redistribution of facial fat in the mid-to-lower facial regions. This displacement leads to sagging cheeks, marionette lines, double chin and wrinkles. Left untreated, these issues will then affect your facial contour to look much older.

Facial fat lipolysis at our affiliated center is an injectable procedure that targets localized areas of fat on the face to melt the fat and stimulate the tissues to tighten. The process will also stimulate collagen production and reduce any inflammation. This will result in a smoother facial contour and an overall rejuvenated look.

How It Works

At our affiliated center, the ingredients for Facial Fat Lipolysis are formulated from 100% natural products using plant peptide technology. The formulation contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, allowing smoother injections with no burning sensation on application.

Since this relies on natural processes, results may take up to 3 days to be seen. Compared to similar treatments, this procedure is considered a fast non-invasive treatment to remove fat and other aging signs.

Treatment Areas

· Forehead
· Upper eyelids
· Eye bags
· Nose
· Cheeks
· Chin
· Neck

Advantages and Limitations of Facial Fat Lipolysis

· Stimulates skin detox
· Improves collagen production
· Restores muscle strength and firms the skin
· Reduces inflammation and heals wounds
· Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
· Safe procedure

· A series of treatments may be needed for the best results, depending on your condition.


· Drink plenty of water in the days following the treatment to assist with collagen reproduction and toxins elimination.
· Mild soreness and minimal bruising can occur due to injection. Please follow aftercare guidelines provided by the doctor to reduce the side effects.


Q1: How many sessions do I need?
A1: This largely depends on your condition and desired results. Your specialist can give you a good estimate.

Q2: Are the results long-lasting?
A2: Yes. But other measures such as taking a healthy diet, practicing a good skincare regimen, wearing an adequate sun protection and having an overall active lifestyle are also necessary to maintain your desired appearance.

Q3: Is it safe?
A3: Yes, it is proven to be safe. Before your treatment, the specialist may assess your condition first.

Q4: Will the results look natural?
A4: Yes. The results may not be as dramatic as what more invasive treatments can give, but the changes will still be impressive as it gives a naturally lifted effects in a subtle way.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Lyfe Medical Wellness
[Location] Phuket, Thailand
[Nearest Station/ Nearest Tourist Destination] Walking distance to restaurants and spas, and within 10 mins driving distance to various beaches and viewpoints.
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Friday (8:30AM - 5:30PM)

Operation Time 1 hr
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Limitations Results may take up to 3 days to be visible
Cancellation Policy No charge for cancellations made at least 48 hrs prior appointment date*
Price Detail Price for this treatment starts from USD 202
Location LYFE Medical Wellness, 58/147 Moo 6 T, Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83130, Thailand

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