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Cryostamp (Better Absorption of Nutrients into the Skin)

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It Is Suitable For

· Those interested in a non-invasive rejuvenating facial treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
· Those with fatigued and/or aging skin.
· Those who want to improve skin tone and skin texture.
· Those who want to soothe their skin after chemical peels, fractional laser or derma roller treatments.
· Those who want to lighten skin tone and reduce dullness.

What is Cryostamp?

Cryostamp combines cryotherapy and electrophoresis technology to help increase absorption of any solution / serum into the deeper layers of the skin. It 'opens up' your skin cells to let more active ingredients enter the deeper layers to repair the skin from within. It is also known as ‘no needle mesotherapy’ and is an ideal post care treatment for chemical peels, fractional laser, and derma roller treatments. Cryostamp is also 500 times more effective in delivering treatment transdermally.

Cryostamp Features

Cryo Stamp is a non-invasive, galvanic needle therapy treatment which applies a cooling stimulus and heating stimulus to the skin with brief voltage pulses. This process will increase the permeability of the cell structure and rearrange the cell membrane allowing delivery of active ingredients through the skin.

· Micro-channel:
Micro-channels on skin dermal layers stimulate growth factors to renew skin

· Effective penetration:
Micro-channels enhances penetration of solutions / serums / ampoules

· Cooling:
Cryostamp is equipped with cooling technology to minimize swelling and redness while maximizing absorption of ingredients

· Electroporation:
Drives active ingredients into the skin by stimulating permeability of the cell plasma membrane

· Healing:
Cryostamp also stimulates collagen production which will assist in natural healing process

How It Works

This device uses cold and heat to deliver any treatment serums for skin hydration, rejuvenation, whitening, pigmentation and many more into the deeper layers of the skin. Ionized active ingredients will be rapidly penetrated into the skin through soft waves of the micro-current from the device. The low voltage pulsed current will stimulate the tissues in facilitating the delivery of applied actives.

Advantages and Limitations of Cryostamp

· Improves overall facial skin quality
· Safe treatment
· Effective procedure
· Promotes blood circulation in the affected region
· Helps you to regain youthful skin

· Maintenance sessions may be needed for best results


Q1: What kind of serums can be used with Cryostamp?
A1: This depends on your skin condition or issues you would like to address. The solution or serum may contain a mixture of active ingredients that can treat problems such as hydration, skin tone etc.

Q2: Does it have any downtime?
A2: No, you can continue your daily life routine or go back to work immediately after the treatment.

Q3: Is it painful?
A3: No, there is no downtime or pain associated with Cryostamp.

Q4: How often can I get the procedure?
A4: Usually, best results can be more obvious after 3 to 6 treatments done fortnightly. You can get maintenance sessions twice a year.

Q5: Who is a good candidate for this treatment?
A5: It is suitable for anyone who wishes to maintain a good skincare regime apart from slowing down the effects of aging.

Clinic Information

[Clinic Name] Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (KL)
[Location] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
[Nearest Station / Nearest Tourist Destination] 5 mins driving distance from partner hotels: Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre, MiCasa All Suites Hotel, and shopping centre Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Also, KL Sentral, as well as KLCC, are reachable within 15 mins drive.
[Clinic Opening Time] Monday to Friday (9:00AM - 7:00PM); Saturday (9:00AM - 3:00PM)

Operation Time 60 - 75 mins
Recovery Time None
Number of Postoperative Visit Not Required
Hospitalization Not Required
Location No. 237, Level 6, 8 & 9 Kenanga Tower, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

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